Just Get Me Outta Here!

Choice is the one thing we have, the choice to stay or go may be the most important one facing you. The one person you can trust is yourself, you know in your heart, you have heard the words that have made you stop in your tracks. I was there, asking myself if I should go or stay... my answer was that if I stayed I could lose my life and I knew if I left it could happen also, but I had to trust someone at sometime. It started with trusting my own instincts and what I already knew to be true of the one I loved. And started the journey to take care of myself.

Shelters by State |


There was a crisis . . .

Thirty years ago women had nowhere to go when being abused if they could not go to family, now women usually end up in shelter when it becomes critical to survive, during escalation of violence, or as a result of injuries. Going to shelter is not easy, it is a different kind of hard. There is structure and a reason to "just keep walking". You learn how to take care of yourself, regain your self respect and how to coexist in a healthy enviroment.

Shelter life. . .

It doesn't matter what stage you are at in your life making decisions. You will find women from different backgrounds with different experiences, each one has had to make their own choices. The choice to stay or go may be the most important one facing you.

A decision that changed my life . . .

What I learned in shelter I needed to know for the journey. I did not believe for so long that I had choice, he said I didn't and I believed him. He was wrong! A person can get used to stress that they know on a certain level but when you have had enough something has to change. Shockingly, most women return to abuse an average of 7 times. There are also a lot of women that are killed or missing victims of domestic violence.

Wit and Wisdom

What we can do is to help others make informed choices and share our own experiences and what we do know. What we cannot do is live someone else's life for them, and the truth is, what choices we make we have to live out."