Relate ~ Educate

Re - Educate . . .

This journey requires us to begin to Re-Educate (hence our motto "relate ~ educate"). This is where we learn what in the world has happened to us and where I learned that my ability to choose is the most important treasure I have. Now, through learning and growth I'm making better and safer choices for my life.

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From Victim to Survivor

Relate ~ Educate

To learn where we have been . . .

Regardless of what you are going through if you know that your life seems to go in a full circle back to wondering what is going on, why the relationship you are in does not truly grow and why you are afraid, then you are not alone. You can also survive this and go on to live a productive life. Shockingly, most women return to abuse an average of seven times. There are also a lot of women that are killed or missing as a result of domestic violence.

To not repeat past mistakes . . .

Anyone who is beaten, verbally put down, controlled, insulted and embarrassed - learns the wrong message about themselves. . This is not to say it is their fault, it simply means it must be undone as much as possible to allow a productive and joyful life. Support is very important, our blog is designed to be interactive the Chrysalis Effects Blog is for the subject of domestic violence with the power wheels page for those who work in shelters or offices that help survivors. There is also a victims page for education about missing persons.

Wit and Wisdom

Brisingr: Inheritance Book 3 Paolini. "I refuse to become so attached to my struggle against the Empire and Murtagh and Galbatorix that I won't want to move on to something else when, and if, the time comes-or, worse, that I'll try to prolong the conflict rather than adapt to whatever happens next.

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Relate ~ Educate

Abuse affects different people in different ways. We each have our own experiences to share and to heal from. The truth is, that it is up to us to use the tools that are available. What we will do here is to give you those tools, or at the very least make you aware of them. Each of us, at our own pace, must be willing to relearn or possibly learn for the first time what is healthy living and a healthy perspective!


The "Abuse Related Links" on the right will help you understand the dynamics of abuse. There are warning signs, a checklist, safety plan etc. Also the power wheel and the cycle of abuse. Research all the links to gain understanding that you are not alone. This information will not be new to you if you are being abused, but you may wonder how someone else knows what you are going through. That is because countless others have gone through abuse, many have taken the steps from being a victim to becoming a survivor.


Would you like to become a volunteer and help gather information for this website? I sincerely hope that this website becomes a group of survivors that are determined to go on with their lives, trying to help other women or men access information we did not have.
Email us if you would like to help with any area of You can also help by getting our blog and forum going. This website is by survivors, for survivors and their children.