about us

just a girl
standing here . . .

putting a message in a bottle and throwing it out into that ocean called the internet.
Wanting to give back, to spread hope, educate, encourage, challenge to grow, to tell you it's not over and there is healing!
I'm a born again Christian and am walking in the healing, growing and changing. It has been hard work but worth it and I hope this website will help someone to know there is hope, Jesus does care and will answer - where you are right now!

to tell you to just keep walking!

You may save a life !
Please visit my Contact Us page and let me know if this website has helped you. There are other areas that need added and I would appreciate researched or firsthand information to add. I do my own html work. I hope more survivors will volunteer to working together. Contact Us
R E L A T E ~
There are many survivors that work through their journey by creating the arts, the Survivor's Journals Hosting Program provides a place to publish art, poetry, etc. The creator retains all copyright. I do the work to get it online and it's totally free! Journals
            The links page is very special to me, I was able to find websites that can be searched for current laws and the ability to see how politicians are voting. Legislation about domestic violence is important to all of us. There are also other areas of research and please check out the videos about domestic violence! Links

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